Non editable themes, no support


Every single theme is utterly impossible to edit the header and it is ususally just the header. There is no support, no author support, no envato support, no forum support. All themes are bloated, some are malicious and again, non editable. I have downloaded and installed and deleted at least 12 themes this week alone, each, there is just no way at all to edit the header.

I had enough.

This is how sad the situation is, install wordpress, go to themes, click add new, all those themes, those free themes from [link removed] are 10x better than the best theme on envato. Bottom line.

We replied to your other thread regarding support here but to address other comments here -

Are these themes from themeforest or via envato elements?

Themes are checked and 99.9% they don’t contain malicious code.

Themes may appear bloated (although a lot of authors do a great job of minimising this) initially because the scale, quantity and quality of features, functionality and options made available to buyers (not something you get with free themes, hence they may, at first glance, feel less bloated). Themes are not intended to be used as is and out of the box. Buyers will want to personalise and edit to their needs, which is a process that includes picking and choosing which features they want to use and removing (whereby de-bloating) others.

In terms of the header, then the level of flexibility and process to do this will differ between themes (envato do not make these themes, it is individual authors so there is not one singular way) BUT numerous themes offer the ability to adjust headers in the theme options or builders, and for those without this functionality it will be achievable through editing the code (which presumably is what would be required with any of the free themes referenced above).

  • What specific themes are you referring to?

  • What changes are you trying to make?

  • Can you share a screenshot of the things “in the docs which are not in the admin”

  • so we can understand the difference, can you share an example of another theme that you know of that has a header which is different and easily editable?

With respect, if all of envato’s themes were poorly created and no better than free themes then they would not be the biggest marketplace in the world. We’ve personally purchased into the thousands of items and only had issues with less than 10 of those.

Obviously it’s not good that you are having a bad experience but the fact that despite hundreds of thousands of buyers on envato using the themes, you have had issues with every one of the first few that you have tried would suggest that perhaps the issue may be something else and that there may well be a solution.


Yes there links to malicous sites

biggest marketplace in the world ha and no support


link me to any random theme of your choice and i prove it

I download 12 from envato. All are uneditable and crap and bloated.

I have no idea how you can say other wise. Install a theme any theme and run gtmetrix. 5 minutes to load

Envato is crap and all the authors need to back to devloper school

Could you please share a demo link to the theme where this is happening so we can check.

If you purchase full copies from Themeforest then you do receive six months free support. Envato themselves have support (not for items which sits with the author), if however, the items you downloaded were from Envato Elements then there is no support, but we all accept and acknowledge that when we sign up.

With respect this is simply not true. Are you suggesting that you cannot access the header PHP on any theme you have downloaded.

We can share any number of examples but using a theme which we have been working with recently Salient | Creative Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme by ThemeNectar which has multiple header layouts in the theme options and of course you could modify the PHP further. for what it is worth the GTMetrix scores is great too even for one of the biggest and most extensive theme available.

Just a handful from Themeforest where you can customise headers: here or here and from Envato Elements: here or here (this is @greatives portfolio who are outstandingly good authors and one of best from across all of envato’s marketplaces. Their headers and footers are very maleable (from within theme options) ad having worked with their themes numerous times (due to the quality) I can assure you that they could not be further from crap.

As above -

- What theme are you trying to use?

- What changes to the header are you trying to make?

- Have you checked theme options?

- Have you tried editing the PHP?

As above - demos often are slower to load (not 5 minutes) because of them demonstrating the full flexibility of the theme. But no buyer is going to use the full theme in their project. Themes are designed to be building blocks and not custom development/finished products. I’d bet that if you took a theme that is showing as slow in the demo and invested the time to customise it to a projects needs and tidy things up, that it could get a great rating.

Again please do share the info requested above

I do not understand you. I really don’t.

Two years elements customer. Every single theme I have ever downloaded is impossible to edit. I have no idea what to tell you. I really do not. I scour and search and look over each and every single element in the UI, there is utterly no option for countless themes to edit the header. I have always had this problem and all I do is literally download themes, install themes, see I can not change or edit the header. Example

All that info ontop is what I am talking about. Dozens of themes, this area is non editable in any theme I have downloaded

Humor me and you look for yourself

Same all these themes

HomeRoofer by AncoraThemes on Envato Elements (this takes over 5 minutes to load)

And I am to pay hundreds a year and I have to deal with this bloatedness, and no support

They deleted the theme with the russian spam

Guess what? That theme you shared zivi, nah, no el chango on zee header me friend.

I would love to, if I could customize it.

You are still not understanding me.

I pay envato. I get nothing in return but frustration and bad themes
I pay [link removed] NOTHING, and I get a theme better than any of the highest rated themes on here

A theme I can easily edit and easily customize, for free. Or pay and get no support, bloatedness, non editable themes and maliciouness, then have to deal with a mod that is trying to tell me what I experienced from my own eyeballs is wrong and I am mistaken, somehow

And envato is worth billions, somehow. Phew wish I could do this

There’s a vast number of people using Envato products successfully, so it’s disappointing that it doesn’t work for you.

In no way am I questioning you experience – I am only trying to offer potential answers to the challenges that you have faced, and to prevent tarnishing author’s hard work and talent.

You can always take the situation up with Envato Elements Help and Support

For clarity.

  • Several Elementor kits use header builders which control this, this link explains how to edit Quper, and the Roof theme header and top bar is found in Roof Options > Header > top bar

  • I’m not sure where you get a 5 minute load for this theme, but it certainly does not appear that bad

  • Any bloat is explained above and lack of support is unfortunately a trade off with the subscription, but was made clear and agreed to at sign up

  • By “Guess what? That theme you shared zivi, nah, no el chango on zee header me friend.”
    You mean Salient? Please scroll down the item page info which outlines the various options.
    If this is referring to any of Greatives themes on elements, then please find the header customisation options here.

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No you can not? Tarnish authors hardwork? All these authors [word removed]

Well that is a lie

  • Any bloat is explained above and lack of support is unfortunately a trade off with the subscription, but was made clear and agreed to at sign up

you are convinced arent you, truly convinced. I am literally going to have to make a several hour youtube video proving you wrong arent I?