Nodejs ( Tests in the Browser With Testling CI)

this is pic of package.json file entered this testling bit of code while watching videos of the course NodeJsimage

after after saving the package.json i wrote this command as shown in the video to produce a link with which we can test our project in browsers but it keep getting struck to it

can anyone help me with this for what’s the problem in it?

What is the error you get? Did you do npm install -g browserify && npm install -g testling?

i have install testling aur browserify both installed correctly but while i started to test by typing “testling -u” ,its getting struck on it nothing happening as in the above image :frowning:
that too i did step by step as shown in video, in that which i have been watching and learning after typing “testling -u” it producing localhost address to test in browser.

I wonder if this is a Cygwin issue, I’ve had trouble with running NPM modules under Cygwin myself.

Have you tried downloading the example repo for this course and running the instructor’s code from there? Which course is it, anyway? If you send me a link I’ll test it out on my end.