No Wordpress downloadable option

Hi Guys
I have been a web designer in the past and back after a few years away.

My question for you is…

I have purchased a new theme ‘Bonsi’. On the download section there is no option to get the installable file only. I have downloaded the theme a few times as a full package, unzipped and searched for the file I require but it isn’t anywhere to be seen. Every file I try to upload says that the css stylesheets are missing which is no surprise as there is no file for just the theme.
I have also tried to install via the cPanel without success as well.
I understand what is wrong but I don’t know the fix for this?

Thanks in advance if you have the answers for me.

There is a WP version and a html version for sale on the marketplace.

If you don’t see te WP download option then 99.9% chance you may have bought the html version?


Thank you. That makes sense now :slight_smile: