No way to confirm my email and download my purchase

Hi everybody,

I’ve puchased theme (payment done with Paypal) but i can’t download it.
In download section there is “Confirm your email address to complete your order”
So i click on the confirmation mail to confirm my email but 404error appears.
(I already tried many times and with other browser)

Is Anyone have same problem ?

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me

I already contact envato support two times since 3 days but no answer…

Many thanks

Check out this link:


Thanks for your reply!
My envato account seems ok (i see my username, mail…)
But still can’t confirm my email

The confirmation link might have expired. Can you try clicking the little “resend” link shown in your first screenshot?

I tried again but same issue…

:confused: Weird! In that case, please open a Help ticket at the following link so they can investigate the issue:

Envato Market Help and Support