No uploads category is not there and sometime it is! What is going on?

I have not been able to upload my limits?
I was limited to 2 uploads a few months back.
Last month and this month I’m unable to upload!

Sometimes the upload category is available then it’s not!
Every month on the 15 it was usually allowing me to upload.
Now there is no selection for the music uploads, making it extremely difficult to grow my portfoliolio!

Any advice?? Did Audio jungle just decide to lock me out from uploading?
Thank you all and hope everyone has a great day/weekend and keep up the great work everyone!

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I don’t know for sure, but maybe if you had 2 tracks limit and had two rejects, then you are not allowed to upload any more in this month? I’d suggest to submit a support ticket.

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Thank you but I haven’t been able to upload this month or last month!
So no rejections for this month or last month!
before I had 2 tracks and one got rejected and the other one got approved
(inspiring Uplifting Trap Hip-Hop Instrumental)

2 days ago the upload was available! look at the screenshot
This happened last month too! Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 8.54.37 PM|690x276
, I went to upload today and they are not available for uploading

sometimes the option is there then it’s gone! Last month it happen and I thought I just had to wait!
Then it happen again this month and I haven’t been able to upload at all

This makes it so hard to grow this protfolio this is going on 2 months of not being able to upload
Even if I can only upload 2 because of my limits at least allow my 2 uploads!!
Frustrating at times because I so want to improve and grow but it’s a tough crowd over here!
thanks again for your reply! i will try to reach out again with ticket support!

Hope you have a great day and weekend! @The_Sound