No Updates in Premiere Best Selling Page!?!? Why?!?!

Hey guys!

Does anyone know how come and Envato hasn’t updated the weekly best-selling page in Premiere?

I keep seeing the same thumbnails, again and again, over 10 days now!

If anyone knows, please give a shout!


Maybe there is just no change to last week, did you compare sales numbers?

As only best selling items are shown since few weeks ago, it makes sense that this list does not see a lot of changes over a week.
New items don’t really get a fair chance to enter that list anymore, so the items on that list will stay there.


Hi… no they are the same… I checked them!

Let me tag @KingDog and @jamesgiroux to forward this to a dev.

At least the After Effects popular list did update for me. I have no recall of the premiere list of last week though, so I cannot tell if there has been a change on my end.