No update for SimpleMag?

Hi, I bought the theme SimpleMag a few years ago, version 4.3. Now I’ve seen that version 5.0 is available. Why is there no way to update the theme? Is the version 4.3 still maintained and safe? Who do I have to ask to get an answer to that question?

The author is responding to comments.

Their support is here

If you go to (you have to be signed in) thn you can download the latest version

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Thanks for the links! I just wonder why there is no way to update the theme in the WordPress dashboard …? I will ask the support.

Oh, my support has expired years ago :frowning: Well, never mind.

Hi guys, how can I update simplemag to the latest version? I cannot find it anywhere I am stuck at the 4.5.1 version.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Olshner, did you manage to update simplemag theme?

Thank you