No twitter cards on Envato Market?

As far as I can tell, when you tweet a product from the marketplace (which I just did for this file of mine: it doesn’t get tweeted with an image / video along with it?

Am I missing something?

Surely as a marketplace for visual items we need to be able to tweet the image or video embedded in the tweet?

Hey @THPStock, I’ve just double-checked and Twitter’s validator is pulling in all the Twitter Card info from that item, so you should be seeing the full preview when you tweet.

I’ve noticed a couple of weird quirks the past couple of weeks with cards generally, so could be that it’s a temporary blip at Twitter’s end. I’ve noticed this’ll happen when Twitter/Facebook/etc. are beta testing new features - some of the old ones go a bit weird.

Hey Carl thanks for the reply.

I have had this problem now for ages, and only with Envato items. I’ve tweeted photos, videos, etc and it never seems to publish the embedded images. I do it from any other site, and its fine. The tweet I mentioned above is:

Could it have to do with removing the url that comes up when you click the Twitter button on the item and replacing it with the referral url instead?

May need some more investigating? Anyone else noticing the same issue?

It is being caused by the ?ref but not by other tracking, which definitely shouldn’t be happening. Thanks for flagging it, I’ll get that followed up by our dev team. Good catch!

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Ah so I wasn’t going crazy after all! :slight_smile: Thanks Carl, glad you found the cause.

Does that get me a badge of some description!?:wink: It’s all about the badges after all… :slight_smile:

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Hey Carl its been nearly a month and this is still an issue, I just tried it now :frowning: