No token exists with the specified token code

After installing that, when I try to import a theme , I see a popup asking me “to verify your subscription to remove photo watermark”. I Follow that link, generate the token, and then copy and paste the token into the field provided But I see this error:

“No token exists with the specified token code”

I have an active premium Envato elements account :

my Subscription renewal date: 2022

I already sent a ticket theme support and they said problem is with Envato.

Envato support is too slow and even does not answer.

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Envato support will answer you soon, please be patient with the team. Maybe a temporary API issue. And this may be very dumb, but please check if there is no white space at the end of your token code.

I can’t connect my envato plugin to my gmail nor I can activate manual token. The Gmail seems not redirecting the page and token seems fail everytime, even if I give access and make token with all permission sets.
I already reset, browser, cookies, etc. still my gmail can’t connect my wordpress envato plugin but my gmail can connect this envato forum.
Please help me fix this.