no support here

we buy many items but last 6 months there is no support on this market and the quality of this market going down
we buy last item wp sms pro and this plugin dotn work user can register dont need activation sms code and after register user are allways logedin and we buy this plugin beacuse we want that only real user register and not bots we go to support press button write this dont work and send login support start talk with us many message ask for inofs we dotn understand why if all infos he can see after login many time we answer please login all info there all settings gateway all you ask you can see in plugin settings then support write back we should send login we answer read message we send you then support again write back we never recieve message send again we read then all what we write and there was login and we see next day we send new password because we change it today 10 days later there is no support we copy all our comunication to comments so other user can read it only our login we hide on public comments like this if password was passwort then we change to passxxxx but support again say there is no login send again to my private email but we dotn want do this we create support account and send it there today or last night themeforest blocked our account we can not write in comments in all items we buy not only in this we have dispute with support so we dont understand what user can do after buy and see that plugin dotn work contact suport and send login and write few words about problem we think themeforest can not just deactivate our account for comuinication themeforest must close seller account for one month if there is no support and dont block user who pay for something that dotn work and ask for help

Word of advice (without wanting to insult you): The usage of proper capitalization and punctuation, along with the usage of paragraphs, will make your ticket much easier to read.

I honestly stopped reading after the first couple of lines and would assume that other users here feel the same.

we write fast becausye we are angry dont car about . , and ! and D
we pay there is no support and then themeforest block our account
understand now?
you stop reading you dotn have motivation you dotn buy plugni with no
other user who buy dotn stop read we dotn write for you we write for
other user who buy plugins with no support
we bnuy man itme with bad support
we send support login and 10 days he ask for login every day but we send
you can login to support account from wp sms pro plugin
there you can read mister . , D or ! that we A send login and B send
next day new passwort after we change it
so we care that support have actual login and can login and fix bug
but your market many bad reviews we can read on internet same problem no
support no support
most reviews abotu this
if you support asuthor who sell without support market close soon
ok mister undserstand there is no support and understadn we buy and pay
and understand that we send login
we copy all comunication to public comment so other user can read of
course auzthor angry wanrnt hide there si no support
and you want hide it too because if other user read this then nobody buy
you must block this author not only this but any author with bad support
like ebay
what you do block user who pay for nothing we have item dont work no
support and block acount after write this

very angry user

Tekanewa schrieb:

From what I can see, the author has been very willing to work with you and has responded to your questions within 15 minutes. They would like you to email them in your native language because they are having trouble understanding your problem.

Its not been even 24 hours and you’ve created 3 tickets in this time. And we even replied to you within 15 minutes of your first ticket. We’ve also replied to each of your ticket but we are not getting any proper response from your end.

Please follow the author’s instructions rather than spamming their item comments.