No support from Tophive theme Metafans. Does someone use Tophive themes and succed to get support ?

Dear all

After mails, ticket open in their ticketing system account created on the site, so they can check I still have no reaction from tophive support after 4 days. I have made a refund request. Does someone is using a tophive theme and succeed to get support ?

On their website they say “Our support team is active almost 24/7 for any kind of query or support issue. Typically we reply within 12 hours on any day in a week. Check out our Profile and feel free to contact us”

Merry Christmas

Just some news about this problem. Still no support. I have sent them some credential, so they can access. No feedback. I have sent them the purchase info. No feedback. I see that the credential are used on my site. But no info on what they try to do. So I have sent them again a mail asking what was the improvement in my ticket and a BOT asked me for the credential and purchase info :scream:

I don’t know what is this company, but there is a large place for improvement

Hello. A little update on this one. Still no answer from @tophive They just ignore my mails. Following their refund policy “Part of the theme is non-functional and did not get any support within 7 days after submitting a ticket/mail to our support center” i have asked them to refund by Mail. No answer once again. Now I wait the 5 days of delay to enter a dispute after the refund request to envato. see you at next episode :smiley:

Last Update. I have been refund by Envato :wink: