No support from the CodePassenger developers behind the Anima Theme

I’ve been trying to contact support for the Anima theme as there are several issues with the theme that I’d like addressed.

Have been trying to contact them for over a month now, with no responses?

Anyone else used the theme as I really could do with some guidance.

Thanks in advance!

I only see this on their item page:


They does not provide the support for that item.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

That must have recently been changed as they were offering support when I purchased.

When I log in I see this. 20.

So I should get support for the next 5 months but they’re not responding.

But that does worry me that they’re no longer supporting, as I guess that means the theme will no longer be updated to work with Wordpress core updates?


How I understand that part about not giving support.

They are not giving support to customers but they should still provide upcoming updates for the theme - if on some point theme is broken (does not work with some new version of WP) and some of the buyers report this to Envato - they can disable/remove this item from the market.

Of course, they can remove it itself at any time if they will not update any more the theme.

But, in your case, theme was sold with included support, and now it is not any more, and I think you have a full right to ask for refund (if that is an option for you).

That is how I see this situation, maybe some of Envato members will provide us more info about this.

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Okay thank you very much!