No support from INEOZ theme.

Hi, I’m trying to config the INEOZ WordPress theme but I stuck. The theme does not work properly, i cannot even import the demo! I’m trying to change the same things, HEADER AND FOOTER for almost one week and nothing! I’ve already opened two tickets with them. In the first one, 22hs no answer. Then I opened the second one. I’m really worried because I designed a simple one-page website using its template but without the support and the with the theme completely broken, I don’t know what to do. And I have only 1 day to deliver the site. Please, I need some help.



Can you try with this page hope they will reply to you soon

@template_path could you please reply this purchase as soon as possible ?


Hi, thank you!

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Hy, reply how?

Make a comments at bottom of that page

Ah, ok. Thanks