No sales for my WP theme after some time of submission

Hello guys

I have submitted a WP theme while ago and it did some sales at first, but after a month or so, no sales at all and it is forgotten, any tips on this and how to get sales back again, marketing, etc … and is this a popular issue authors face after some time they submit a theme.

Thanks a lot

You should think as customer and ask your self why they should buy your item?
Then you will know how improve your items. The most reason is design. Low design quality it’s mean no sales.

your theme should be better others or unique enough to get sales :smiley:

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It did some sales already in the first month, but stopped after that, i’m afraid it couldn’t be reached by search for example

Yes I agree, I’m wondering it did some sales the first month but stopped after that :smiley:

That is risk with any items.
You must know that there are many items approved per days. And quality maybe better your item.
And your item put down.

So in set of items, which item will will select? You know that answers.

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@aspirethemes Most of the items do just that, as they fall lower in the search list, I guess. Hence the need to upload new stuff constantly, which is always mentioned here on Envato. On the other hand, some items might fill a niche in the search, and come up better in specific searches, or - once you become more present overall, recognized etc. people start browsing your portfolio.

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