No sales after the item went down the list

My new item (MOD: Link Removed) made 6 sales when it was on the homepage of But after it went down, the sales have stopped.What should I do?

unfortunately there is nothing to do that is happening to all of us once on the frontpage of course we are selling more than when we are on other page but if your item is good and not buggy no worry you will have more sales and remember that christmass is coming i think that is normal that people do other things than shopping for script these day.

Btw It can be great if you add a feature like “temporary link - 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc…”

And maybe as a second feature; you can allow to users add a second (404, not found page) address with their temporary urls. After temporary url deleted, the second (their personal 404 page) address will be show up for 1 month. (just idea)