No Sale of New Projects

No sales of any of my new projects. June month earning overall $111 and in this month $42 overall Only.
Very disappointed of new page category. Under “Newest” tab new items of all category (Google Slide + Keynote+ PowerPoint ) display together. Only popular items got a sale there du to first-page ranking.

IS any other author having an issue of sale drop all of the new projects.

In the last six years under powerpoint category, the items having sale more than 8+ goes on trending but now year 2019, if the item got 3-4 sale its show trending. Is this progress?

Hard to sell items on Envato. Hard work + Good Projects = no sales > dark future there.

On Mobile View, it’s hard to locate new items for the customer. Usually, customer buys and scroll down below on mobile to see all listing items. No one uses a drop-down menu and filters the items and the choose. So in mobile view, new items also remain untouchable.


lol maybe they are carrying on their very profitable experiments for all which usually lead all authors to come and complain that what they do is not working lol i guess they focus once again on trendy items or best selling ones despite all people complain about it …

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And I also, it’s a very big problem

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