No sale after 300 view

I was uploaded an item about 3 days before. It got more than 300 views but not a single sale. Did I charge more than it’s utility or quality? Where is the problem I cannot find out . Can anyone help me to show me the proper way to increase the sale. Here is the item

I looked at the product yesterday as I was wondering about the included effects. I was not intending to buy but was just curious.

This is how I remember yesterdays visit:

  • Preview image did not really show any indication of types of animation or there being a lightbox (I did not read items on preview image)
  • Wall of text on homepage did not invite me to read it.
  • Clicked Live Preview.
  • More text no example animations.
  • Tried to click the blue tekst, which was not a link.
  • Scanned page to find a link in the top right corner.
  • Was surprised this included lightboxes as wel.

I think that’s a lot of steps and confusion to find the actual product. So 300 views could mean users might be viewing the page but then get confused and move on to the next product. Think of your users being in a hurry and having to decide real fast if they will buy or not. That helps in determining the layout and format of your text.

In your situation I’d opt for small lists of bullets (maybe 5 max) and example hover effects on the live preview landing page. Also, the preview image could be more visually descriptive of the product.

Good luck with sales!

Thanks for showing me the minus points of my approch to sale the product. I will recover allof this points asap and hopefully I will get some more sale

The lack of proper preview or video is definitely a big problem.

It’s the same problem as your form script - these are features which almost always come as standard in site templates or themes and for those building their own site would not be difficult to create these themselves.

You should focus on:

  • something more complex or unique that cannot be found elsewhere for free
  • higher quality demo and item pages