No Response from Envato Support (Refund>Dispute>No Response)

I have requested for Refund, No response from the seller.

Then I raised a dispute, Envato Customer Success Team asked for issues,
I have shared the issues in theme with screenshots,

after that no response from the team, I have emailed to resolve it or refund, but not a single reply. Now it’s more than 25 days.

What to do? How to get refund.
Please Guide.


Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to help you based on Envato Market Refund Rules.


Hi, I wonder do you get your money back? Same situation here.

If the claim is genuine and within the guidelines then you will get the money back.

Without the full context of what the claim is based on, then it is impossible to determine if that is what is causing delays/approval/rejection

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Did you get your money back? I am having the same issue. They are not replying to me. This is my first purchase here and maybe my last.

Same problem here. Thankfully, I have paid using paypal and can open a claim with them. This company sucks, there is no support whatsoever.