No respon for long time

How many days it should take for one item submission to get reply? I have submit my item 5 days ago and no respond until now. Usually it was took only 3 days or even less for my submission to get reply.

16-17 days. Explore the forum. This has been discussed many times lately.

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Wow that’s not usual. What’s going on with GR, pandemic caused?

Yes, one of the reason is pandemic
Do not be lazy to browse the forum :wink: This has been discussed just today

yes my items has been accepted after queued queued exactly between 16-17 days indeed …

LOL well maybe officially , u may consider that hiring new people could have been a way out too … not to mention that this is usual for items to be more massive in the second part of the year and submissions to deal with to be more numerous , for this , this is the same every year indeed