No reaction to refund and dispute

I made a refund question 23 days ago about an item. The author did´t react so I made a dispute to envato about 10 days ago. Both with no reaction. What can I do now?

Allow Envato to invest the case. They should get back to you within 7-10 working days ( They will need to confirm the issue with the author first )

If you don’t hear anything after 10-12 days, send a follow-up email/message ( do not create a new ticket ) and wait for the response.


Thanks. But where or how to do a follow-up mail. I´ve got only a do-not-reply answermail from envato and at refund request I can´t do reply…

You supposed to be able to reply the ticket. Try that if it doesn’t work, create a new ticket but add the previous ticket number and the details ( I’m creating this ticket for the follow-up for the ticket ID #XXXX )

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