No "pinching" ability on mobile view

Hello, I purchased the Salient theme (ThemeForest) and currently working on my blog site. When I checked my site on my mobile phone, I realized the images, (the entire content in fact) do not enlarge or respond when I make a “pinch” on the screen. Am I missing something to do on back end? I already carefully looked on back end though.
Ps help a newbie, non-tech gal.


The demo does this so must be a setting somewhere

Ask the author

Thanks Charlie. I checked all demos of Salient theme on my mobile phone, and none was “pinchable” to enlarge view. The images can open in a lightbox, but that’s all. This also means that when a reader wants to magnify a sentence/paragraph, no can’t do. The screen won’t enlarge.

Thanks though for responding. I’d send a message to the author.