No permission to access!

Hello my friends, I just bought a product “CINEPUNCH - Biggest FX Pack in the World!” some of you may know this product, well when I star to download it, after a few minutes whit 3gigabytes the product stops to download but when I actualise to restar the download there is a message from I don’t know whom it is, telling that I have no permissions to access to the file" I’ve already contacted the producer and he’s trying to help, anyway I need to know if there is any issue for this, because for futures updates, I don’t want to have the problem again and again, it never happened to me.

update to this problem: 4 days Later, I have already found the issue to this problem, this came from safari it doesn’t allows me to download more than 3 gb per file " I have no idea why" so I tried whit chrome and it worked

You should contact Envato customer support, not the author of the item you purchased.
Good Luck!

thank you, I did both and the author was very helpful.