No one is answering my emails to the author support (it's been a month.....) Can I get help from mods / adms / support / anyone?


I’ve tried contacting the author support team but suddenly I get no response and anything I asked had any major solutions.

My first message to them was on 20th of January and I’ve got some answers (from Will Bishop) but after the 23th I haven’t got any news… It’s been 2 weeks … I think that I’ve been quite patient already…

Can you guys do something about this?

I can give you my ticket number if you need it.

Any information you can do will be greatly appreciated.

Regards, saludos

You can contact Envato Support here.

That is what I’ve done and I haven’t got any answers since the 23th

Ah, my apologies, I misread and thought you had contacted an author about their item with no response.

That is quite a long time, though I believe they are backed up with support tickets right now. What is it you need help with? Unfortunately for a lot of issues Envato Support is the only option, but if you tell us what the issue is we might be able to help.

That is my first post:

The guy who started to answer me from the support team (Will) said to me that they can hide my items after my confirmation (which I obviously confirmed) and for the exclusivity question he was going to ask how does it actually work. After that no answers…
I understand it can take some time for him to get a clear response, but I asked if in the meantime he could hide my items but, no news…

Any one?

Help? Mod? Adm?


Account related things should to go envato support team. May be your previous ticket closed.
I would like to recommend please open a new support ticket and if you like you can mention previous ticket id to follow up. Hope support team will help you all of these things.


Thank you for the help, I really appreciate it

No answer yet.
A month guys… Any Ideas?
I really need help please… it is such an easy thing to do… I just need to hide my items…
Can someone in this forum help me with it?


@Qualt this is how Will Bishop treat the Authors and Buyers here on Envato. He just simply deactivated my account without even investigating my side. He won’t care anymore trust me buddy.