No. of People Search Filter Launched for Stock Footage

Hi all,

Last year we added some new attributes to Stock Footage items in VideoHive to better describe footage items for buyers.

It’s taken a little longer than originally planned, but we have now launched our first search facet using one of these attributes - the No. of People.

VideoHive buyers can now filter their search results by number of people in the footage.

Of course, it’s now even more important for footage authors to ensure the attribute data is correct on their items in VideoHive, to help buyers find items they need.

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Hi Julian,

Sure, it shall be convinient for our dear buyers.
I wanted to check but can’t find this filter as of yet. I see only usual filter parameters like tags, price, length, etc. at the “Refine your results:” block.

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Nice feature, it will help buyer a lot :slight_smile:

Hey @AndrVlad - it should be visible just above the minimum resolution filter - here’s a screenshot. bear in mind it is only available at the moment for Stock Footage searches.


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Ok, found it under stock footage. It works, thank you!

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Do you have any sort of Search Filter Data for Sellers? For instance I’m sure Envato would know what sort of Key Word searches are performed but have come up empty or lacking since you don’t have any items in your Library… If you published this, then this can help Sellers go out and create the content that your customers need.