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I uploaded 5 motion graphics items on 18/12/2021. Those were displayed for 3 days on the side bar and were waiting for review. On 21/12/2021, got vanished from the sidebar. I did not receive any notification in the dashboard or any mail in the mailbox (in spam as well). I could not come to know whether the items were approved or hard rejected or soft rejected. Don’t know what to do.

Hello @goswamirajib

There are three possible outcomes when you submit an item:

  1. Accepted - the item appears in your portfolio
  2. Soft Rejected - the item appears in the “Hidden Items” together with some instructions from the reviewer. You need to fix the issues mentioned by the reviewer and resubmit the item.
  3. Hard Rejected - the item disappears from the dashboard and doesn’t appear in your portfolio or in the “Hidden Items” tab. This means that you will not be able to resubmit it.

To get notified about the submission results you need to enable the Email Notifications. Please go to Settings → Email Settings and enable the “Item Review Notification” box. You’ll get e-mails for your future submissions.

hello, sometimes you can’t receive mail in soft rejections. At least it happened to me. Check the Hidden Lunch section in the tabs where you can see items with soft rejections. “Hidden Item”

Thanks a lot.

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Ok, I have checked. It is empty. It means hard rejected.

May I know the minimum requirement to fulfill to get my motion graphic video to get approved.

Being unique increases your chances of being accepted. The best method is to examine the quality of accepted projects, as 99% of the authors here do. See the bestsellers. Look at the trends. See which product users requested the most and what they like. This will yield much more excellent results than the ideas we authors would give.Another thing is to project your video well.