"No name" buyer

Just have sold the WP theme with + 6 month extended support and in invoice stay for customer name - “No name”.

Probably there will be “reversal” and this is not the first time.
I got one customer (before) which still use my theme (and I have access to his admin because I already have done some help with setting up the theme) and have not get money from him because there was “reversal”.

Maybe I am wrong this time, we will see. However, he will still get my theme, like the first one.

I guess reversals are natural for any type of business, so you just have to live with it :slight_smile:

In case you experience such issues, why don’t you license your themes? So you can remotely deactivate them once reversal is made. Sure thing, a person with above average PHP skills will be able to remove this protection from your theme (because theme can’t be obfuscated using ionCube or similar solution), but it will stop a majority of “going to download item and make a chargeback” persons.

Yes, probably you are right.

I am ok for now, there was just 1 until now (on 400 sales) - the last one, with “No name” is still ok (there is no “reversal” for now).

Thank you for your suggestion, I will keep in mind.