No more sales! What is going On???

Hi guys hope all of you are great.

Those days i got published my Hard and special Item and i gotta say most useful thing but i see that i have got only 1 sale and none is getting interested on none of items or is that a problem of me or is universal.

I just don’t know what to say, i have analyze and i have get many messages from people on envato asking me if you can make a hero item and i have made it i have spend a lot of time creating that but is so sad to see all that hard work and getting rewarded or appreciated.

Hope this problem is not appeared to you guys.


Don’t get fooled by randomness. Stock market business is filled with random stuff. You can’t explain everything and even hardest work might not get paid. Trying to reason some random sales fluctuation is pointless. Embrace it rather than take it as an enemy.

It’s summer, don’t worry… I think things will catch up very soon :slight_smile: