No more FTP for your photos :) - is here

Hi all,

Do you know how much time you spend FTPing your photos to microstock agencies? It might not be that much until you submit your photos to many of them or internet connection is not he best you can imagine.

I travel and work a lot, so something that really bothered me was wasting countless hours of manually uploading files to different agencies over unreliable FTP connections. Uploading 100 pictures this way is painfully inefficient.

So, we came up with simple solution - sync pictures once to your Dropbox and distribute them from there through the cloud to all your FTP accounts.

Dropbox handles all the unstable parts of getting files to the internet uncorrupted and securely. Once they are there our app distributes them too all your FTP accounts within moments.

It has saved me quite a few hours in the last time and it might be useful for other people too.

If you want to save some time and repetitive work, you can give it a try now. During the beta it’s free for unlimited number of photos & FTP accounts. All your photos and FTP credentials stay inside your Dropbox accounts, we don’t store any of that on our servers.

Here is more how it works:

And the link: