No messages: Rejection or not rejection?

I sent my last tracks 10 days ago,… they don’t have sent me messages of rejection or approval… I have the same tracks than before and I can now upload again 5 tracks…
Have I to take it as a total rejection? :frowning:


It’s been 11 days since I uploaded my tracks, and I still don’t know anything about, maybe the AJ team is very busy. However do you really have to wait so many days? Sorry but it’s quite ridiculous, because if you get rejected 5 of 5 of the items you have to wait 11 days and more once again. If you’d like to make a good profile and show your portfolio it takes forever.

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Maybe they are busy and they are hard rejecting your tracks for this cause. If so, you can’t have NEVER your whole music portfolio in AJ. Problem!

I wrote to AJ team, and now I’m allowed to re upload the “lost” tracks again. Some bug on the site…
They are very nice! :smiley: