No Main Field?

Hi, I just uploaded my first item and it worked fine. But now I don’t see the Main Field where I can choose the main item, in this case an eps file. What’s wrong? Thank you.

Did you upload the zip archive?
It should be selectable in the main file(s) listbox.

I tried. There are only fields for

  • image preview 590 px
  • image thumbnail 80 px
  • main file .zip (containig all main images, in my case an eps and a jpg)
  • preview image set .zip
    I put all data to these fields and get an error.

May be I am a little confused but during my first upload there was a field “main file” or so where I put my eps file. The eps is the main file, the jpg is added.

But I think I found the error. The eps for the second upload was created with Photoshop CC 2018 and this seems not to be accepted. I tried again with Illustrator CC 2018 and it worked.

you can’t upload eps file - main files have to be zipped (zip file). Did you uploaded main file as zip ?

or what is the problem because I don’t understand… where is error, tell step by step.

to be clear:

  • image preview - here goes jpg image preview in 590 px width (max 6000 height)
  • image thumbnail - here image thumbnail (check image weight, there is a limit in kb if i remember correct)
  • main file .zip - here goes one zip file where are all main files (like eps, psd, pdf, indd and so on)

Yes, I think I had a field in my mind that never did exist. Everything okay. Just a different type of eps file then it works fine.