No 'Installable Wordpress file only' option from download

Hi All

Its my first post here. There is no ‘Installable Wordpress file only’ option from the download I received today- am I missing something as a previous theme had it and I had no issues with that.


Are you sure what you bought was a WP theme and not another format? What’s the item link?

Ah, that will be it charlie4282, its bootstrap…

thanks for your reply.

Do you know if bootstrap is any good?

Bootstrap is just a library - it’s not the same as a WP theme (which could be built using Bootstrap), a HTML template etc.

What is the item link on Themeforest?

Hello, sorry for the late reply. Here is the link-

I was hoping for a drag and drop as I am a photographer and I do not know coding…

That is a HTML site template - it will not work on WordPress

What do I need to do it? something like dreamweaver perhaps?

Google ‘Brackets’ its code only so no visual view like Dreamweaver but VASTLY better to work with

Generally WYSIWYG visual views of HTML tempaltes tend to not really work very well with more modern items anyhow

thanks, i will have a look.