No Inspiration

Around 10 sales (-+3) per month with 184 items. Is it normal?
New items does not help as well as external promotion.
May be something wrong with my music…?..i don’t know…
Any advices, mates?

Sorry for making double topic…just was an error with that

I have 15-20 sales/month with nearly 250 items.

I see i am not alone here…

yeah but as far as i see in your portfolio ! you are 1 year author… with 184 items…That means you write 1 track every 1.8 days ! maybe you should focus on creativity and more quality music than Quantity !
I saw authors with 500 and 1000 items in 1 year… not only this is not possible but imagine how wrong if feels when you calculate your sales and you see that almost half of your tracks(not saying about you) have no sales at all…

i think now all authors trying to make corporate music in case it pops out in feature items! So lets say 200 corporate tracks uploaded everyday there will be always someone with better quality and timing from you or me or anyone!


Yes because this is the only way to get any sales.

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not true man ! imagine 3000 authors making corporate music ! and only 1 gets featured per week ! so its 100 times harder to sell a corporate track than a rock track !


As for my experience if you make corporate/inspiring/motivational music with similar sounds as trending files this is the only way to get any sales. My jazz/rock/piano/cinematic music completely out of sales.

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i had 52 sales in september with no feature item/no corporate tracks(i have 2 on my portfolio but no sales)
I sold mostly Southern rock tracks and trailer tracks(because i am good at this) ! you see my point?
Its better to focus on what you are better than to just create “similar” corporate tracks with top sellers !
Not arguing with you just saying my opinion little bit louder :stuck_out_tongue:

ps. if you type corporate in search bar only topsellers appear ! so how will you get exposure with corporate music??

I have to agree with @WolfSound here. I’ve had around 70-80 sales per month the last 6 months. All the tracks that sell is jazz or ambient tracks, no inspirational or corporate. I have decided to write in genres where there are less competition, I don’t think I would have even 10 sales per month if I wrote corporate music :slight_smile:


Look at the top 500 authors list: there’s a wide variety of styles right there. :wink:

For some people, you’re right, corporate sells pretty fast. But «fast» is not the only way around here.

Stock market being time related, seasons related, sudden trends related, etc, having a varied portfolio gives at least a chance to make steadier sales over the long term.

This is definetly not true. I have seen lots of guys making similar corporate stuff and sales weak as hell. Making corporate music will not guarantee you steady sales at all, like with other music here.


Thanks to everyone for replies. Appreciate your advices. Making conclusions and going forward. Will see what happens.