No details available regarding purchase of themes as a one time or recurring

I wish to buy a LMS educational theme. However, there is no details available regarding the payment structure. I only get the price of the theme. I have few questions.

  1. What does that price includes? (The plugins mentioned are inbuilt or only support and need to be purchase separately?)
  2. Is it a one time purchase or a life-time? (The price doesn’t mention that it is one time or one year. Moreover, I understand about the support. But what does support include?)
  3. On how many website I can use it?
  4. Can I modify the theme code?

The theme I wish to purchase is :
Can anyone assist me with my questions, please?

You can ask your question at your chosen theme comments tab hope that item author will reply to you best answer cause they are expert on their theme.

  1. Theme and plugins (as bundled plugins you do not get a license to ‘activate’ these. They will work as required but updates/support is via the theme author).

  2. Lifetime use for one off payment PLUS updates as long as the theme is active on the marketplace. See support policy and inclusions here.

  3. One

  4. Yes, of course - themes are meant as building blocks and not out of the box end solutions

Thanks a lot. I will do the same. :+1:

I really appreciate your response. Thank you very much. However, can you please explain me the first point in little bit more details? I won’t get license to activate but they will work as required. I mean the plugins. If you can give me more information about it then I would be really grateful to you))

When you buy the theme you get a license/purchase code to that theme which allows you to use this to activate things like auto-updates to the theme, access to demo content and other premium features.

Where themes are bundled with premium plugins, these will function as expected within the theme. However, the license for those plugins sits with the author, not the buyer.

So buyers will not be able to 'activate these plugins. This does not in any way prevent it from working. All this means is that any updates to plugins have to be made by the theme author, not the buyer, there may be limited access to features e.g. demo content within the plugin, which is not related to its use in the theme etc.

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. I appreciate it a lot. One last questions from my side.
I saw that the same theme has many demos and options available. When I purchase the theme do I need to select which demo I wish to use or I can use all the demos of the theme as I wish at any point of time? I mean, if I wish to change the look of my website later after few months to another demo of the same theme. Can I do that?

The demos are just examples of how it can be setup - you don’t choose just one