No Data Received

I keep getting a “no data received” error It’s frustrating and I am constantly needing to retype the URL in, refreshing does no good
It’ll work great for awhile then I get the error again
thanks for the help

Hi @aquadave,

Could you provide more details towards your issue?

  1. What course or tutorial are you referring to?
  2. What step in the course or tutorial are you stuck in?
  3. What are the steps necessary to reproduce the issue?

Once you provide us that information, we’ll be more than happy to help you out. :+1:

I use godaddy hosting yesterday I added a dot com, made it my primary domain and bought and installed Dolphin. I thought it was Dolphin but it looks now like a hosting issue. I’m going to contact godaddy and see about the issue 1st
Thanks I’ll keep you informed