No Customer service


How do I contact customer service? I have used the help link and contacted support 6 times over the lat month.

When I send the ticket I see a message at the top that says your ticket has been sent and you will receive a confirmation message however I do not receive any confirmation and do not receive any reply. This has been going on for more than a month and 6 messages sent.

I have checked my email address in accounts and it is correct. I have an issue with the theme I have bought and it is so unseless I cannot use it, there are so many errors and the customer support is useless too and I want a refund.

How can i get a refund if the customer service does not answer any of my emails?
I’m so frustrated


when I contact with envato customer service the helped me very fast


check your spam folder, you should be receiving an email letting you know your ticket ID, if you don’t get the email then tweet @envato_support (i think) and they will be able to help.


Yep nothing in trash. It’s been about 6 - 8 emails and 2 months and nothing. No answer no confirmation but just a sent message when I send.

I’ve checked my email is correct with them and it is.
I will try twitter thanks


use a different email address (yahoo/gmail)