No confirmation of submitting support question

I submitted a support question because I accidentally made a purchase as a guest instead of logged in.

After submitting the question, I go to a page that says ‘your request has been successfully submitted’. However, I don’t have any real proof that my specific question got a ticket number, nor did I get an email, or really just any confirmation that my specific question is queued.

The page that says that my request was submitted is just a generic page that just says it, but in reality it seams that my request just evaporated since there is no email confirmation or anything.

My patience is getting tested here.

Do I really have to beg for feedback? It’s been 8 days since I submitted a report request, following up with the posthere. It is almost as if envato really wants to punish me for accidentally buying a licence with a guest account. It shouldn’t be possible to begin with or at least there should be something in place for this.

There are more licences that I need to purchase but Envato doesn’t come across very trustworthy at this point so I seriously have my doubts about doing any more business with them.


A Help Team member replied to your ticket on May 1. It’s likely your email is blocking their replies. It looks like your purchase is under a different account. You will need to log into your commedia_web to see the purchase.



I checked my spamfolder and no reply there, nor any representation of communication with envato in any nook or cranny of my mailbox to be found believe me. I already mentioned that this happened with a guest account by accident so there is no account where any of this happened under so I don’t understand why you are saying that this must have happened under a different account if there is no account to begin with.

The only basis that I have for the purchase is an email and I repeat; no actual account. So how do I get access to the ticketnumber you refer to?

I will try resending the ticket again. Hopefully, it gets through to you this time.


And thank you for reaching out and following up!

Just to make sure: Did you find the emailaddress that the accountless order happened through? The order did trigger a newsletter subscription but no other emails than that.

If you can’t find it, I’ll send you the emailaddress privately so that might be helpful.