No confirmation email received - I can't download my purchase

Hi there,

I signed up this morning and purchased a wordpress theme in Themeforest market, I paid and received receipt for payment from PayPal.
However, when I’m going to my Downloads it is written I have to confirm my email before downloading my files but I have never had any confirmation email, so I try 4 times (!) to resend this email with the link in the message, but nothing received (nor in inbox nor in junk mail box).

I’ve made a ticket to support and I’ve correctly had an email indicated me that my request was received … I do not understand. I need my purchase urgently.
Someone had been facing to this issue and solved it please ?

Thanks by advance,

Change your email address to gmail@ or alternate, send the reminder email again

I have also had this problem. I have submitted a support ticket on 12/30 and have received no response. My domain email is hosted by gmail so I don’t see how that could be the problem (of course it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place). I too paid via PayPal. There has to be a solution to this. Right?

There might be issue with your email service provider. Either they blocked the email or you have entered invalid email address.

Second option is to change your email address to Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook and then try to verify that.

If you have contacted to the support then be patience and wait for their response.

Have you checked your junk folder?

Yes I have checked my junk/spam folder. From what I can tell, based on searches in the forums, this is a recurring problem.

I’m with the sabe problem. Have you fixed it? How can I contact the support?