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So after taking 21 days to review a 3 seconds item they rejected cause the mp3 wasn’t submitted in the right format twice… yes I should have been more careful of course. I imagine the guy all happy to reject the item with his smile like… “ei come on I can’t waste time”… pathetic

Thank you for resubmitting this sound.

Unfortunately, you failed to follow our instructions multiple times. It’s very important that you follow all instructions very carefully and not resubmit items without fixing them properly. As your item was not updated in a satisfactory manner we are currently unable to accept this submission.

So you’ve been given a chance to correct your mistake and you’ve failed to do so, right?
What’s your point?

Yes I failed twice so? Rejection should be about quality, always. It happened to me other time I submitted twice a soft rejected (Shame on me) and at the end it was approved so you should Keep the rules consistent. Instead its all about the mood of the reviewer. Here my point. If you need I’ll make you a sketch so you may get it.

Isn’t that being a little selfish though? Everyone has the same standards to follow because those standards build confidence in the AJ brand and thus add value to everyone’s submissions.

Just rebounce the track in the right format and resubmit. There’s no need to take it personally because it isn’t about you, or me, or anyone else.

This falls into the category of a life lesson.

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If you fail twice, is your own mistake, there are a lot of people waiting for their uploaded item, reviewers cant be waiting for you all the time you need.
If i fail i´m not going to create a thread and begin to “blame”.
Everybody makes a mistake, it is human being, but everybody should deal with THEIR mistakes and not make participant to others…
Upload again, start again.

Man I think you didn’t get it. The track was in The wrong format: aiff, so I re bounced it into wave but I forgot that Also the mp3 was wrong.
Then I got the proud message that I won t be able to resubmit cause multiple mistakes. So I won t be able to resubmit it ever. Which I won t cry about it for sure I will just let the commu ity know that for me this is crap. Also I don t need the community to agree with me or whatever I just want to express my opinion without being paternalised by some naive and useless cliche like don t take it personal. Also seen that the reviewers don t provide ever any feedback but just prewritten message if you get the wrong files twice just resend your automatic message seen that it takes less time then write me “ei Bro you mistaken multiples time… naughty boy, now you won t be able to re submit cause we serious people here mate…
Thanks for the reply

But do it in the correct format to avoid rejection.


Hugs and kisses, @VOLTATUNES.

:+1: well done censor you won!

Now it s all moderated here thanks to the paladin

I’m going to go reflect on my mistakeS so next time you won t get offended

I didnt censor anything.


Ah I get you now. So you are saying that there is some discretion involved on the part of the reviewer where they could have treated it as a soft reject and been more forthright about the reason(s) for rejecting.

I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to the 21 day queue rather than any malevolence on their part. However it would be nice if you could view/edit submissions that are in the queue to double check them. Fact is that would benefit AJ and the authors.

To vent is human. I feel your pain too.


@MagicMood9, you can say who flagged the post… :rofl:

Anyway sorry I ve been rude and haven t be able to explain myself didn t mean to be. I’m a nice guy if is not the beginning of the week

Oops. Busted :sweat_smile: