No Background Images for Services - Repair Responsive HTML 5 Template

Hi, for starters, I am not good at this stuff at all, so for that, my apologies! When I copy all the files of the package into Dreamweaver 6, it is filled with blank images that simply indicate the size of the image (747x405 in one particular image). It would seem that there are no images included in the download. I’ve included a few screenshots. I made sure ALL source files are in the same directory. This is right out of the box. In addition, it takes almost 3 minutes to load a new page from this package. Other websites load immediately.

Can you help me here? If needed, the package is called “Services - Repair Responsive HTML 5 Template”.

Thank you,

They probably do not include the images with the downloaded template. (I find this very annoying too!)

Sometimes the item discription page says “Images not included”.

You are best off asking the template author directly. Perhaps they can point out where the images are from.

That sucks. I just re-looked at it and it says no images. I may be better off downloading a free template somewhere else. Like I said, I’m not good at this stuff. I’m a network engineer, NOT a web designer, which is exactly why I bought this thing. If you look at their example, you would think the product will look like that. WTF am I paying for? Oh well, thanks for your input. I sincerely appreciate it!