No backend editor of Visual composer


we have your theme Virtuoso Version: 1.1 and the problem that since January we are not able to use backend editor of Visual composer in wordpress.
The web site is up to date.

We tried the trick with deactivate, delete and activate, but nothing happens.
Out IT team can’t find the solution to the problem, we already contacted the supports from WordPress and Visual basic and they said they also can’t solve the problem and that I need to contact you.

Please help, it’s really urgent and it’s making us big problems in our business, since we can’t change anything on our website!

Thank you in advance.

This is a public forum for all of Envato’s marketplaces, so please NEVER EVER post access information for your server or site here!!! Anybody reading this post can now access your server and do whatever damage s/he is inclined to. REMOVE THE INFORMATION ASAP AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

As for your actual problem, you need to contact the theme author …

… if you require assistance with the theme and/or any of the bundled plugins, such as Visual Composer.

Jupiter theme with Visual Composer no backend, editor - live edit

Problem resolved with button - Edit with Visual Composer or button Frontend Editor in admin
Just try to:

Tested with - Visual composer version 5.3 and version 5.2.1
File location: js_composer/includes/helpers/helpers_api.php​

Line: 239 - change to false

function vc_disable_frontend( $disable = true) {
vc_frontend_editor()->disableInline( $disable );

I guess it could resolve problems with other author themes. So there was a bug of VC author.