No Author or Envato Customer Support - MiniHorse Theme


I purchased the MiniHorse – Responsive Clean & Minimal WordPress Blog Theme on 3/20 but this is what it looks like on my test site - It should look something like this -

I tried contacting the author last week but he/she hasn’t returned my message. I issued a ticket to Envato three days ago but haven’t received a response. What is going on?

Hi @chriseburton,

Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately WordPress theme doesn’t come with demo content preinstalled, you need to add it on your own if needed. By installing base theme you are getting access to it’s standard features only. Things like widgets, menu, pages or posts have to be added manually.

Response from Envato takes anywhere between few hours and few days, please be patient :slight_smile: The author of theme may have had a short holiday break recently and was unable to respond to your support ticket, if you don’t get a reply in a timely manner consider sending another one:

For now please check out theme documentation to find out how to install demo content.



Thanks for getting back to me Luca. I’ll give it a few more days and then send another message. It would be great if I could check in with you if they don’t respond. I’ll look through the documentation and see if I can install the demo content on my own.

Much appreciated,