No anwer by Kingkong themes

I have bought a wordpress template from Kingkong theme. I have a problem with my installation, tryed to join them on their forum, on facebebook page and by their contact form and no answer from them.

My customer has wait his website from 1 month.

What can I do ?

Best Regards


Best thing to do now is to look for another developer to help with your client’s site, perhaps here (I’ve changed the category of the thread) or on Envato Studio…

What exactly is the issue/problem you’re having? Maybe someone here can help you out.


Hi! thank you for the answer.

When I tryed to import demo data, the install of the data base is not finish, only 4 tables are created.

It s seem that all file is in a server and not sent in the zip file.


Strange… check the documentation and try contacting the author again, but that’s all I can suggest really :confused: