No access to API Keys for connection from theme forest to personal website

In Envato’s Theme Forest I had purchased PixelGrade’s Border Wordpress website theme. I had it running well for years. Now my site is gitching out. When I go to add an API key to refresh the connection…I can’t find it anywhere in Envato. I’m looking under Settings > API Keys. But that tab does not exist. Any suggestions on a work around. On where to find API Keys in Envato / Theme Forest?

Are you referring to Envato API?

No, i originally thought that was the problem. But after looking into it further on Wordpress and your website. I noticed that your site is connected to my wrong account in envato. So it doesn’t show that I have purchased the product through themeforest and therefore my license isn’t showing up. Which results in me being unable to update the border theme Wordpress template.

I’m here as volunteer but good that you solved the problem.

The problem isn’t solved yet. My pixel grade account will not connect to the correct envato account. So my license isn’t being read.


Please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


You sure? It’s within the Pixelgrade website that the wrong connection is happening when I click to login through Envato.

If you meant the account issue is in the Author’s support forum then you have to get in touch with the Author.

The theme Last Update 4 March 2021 (3 years old theme).

You can try to contact them through: