Ninja Media Script vs Fufu - Viral media/gag script

Hi all, forum members!

Please tell me, what script is better to start up:

Ninja Media Script


Fufu – Viral media/gag script

Thanks in advance

I bought ninja media script, fufu and viral media portal (by nexthon), here is my review:

Ninja media script have a good visual but lacking of feature and low security (user can register your site without any spam-proof), you can input a dummy link and still able to submit that link

Fufu have a standard visual using bootstrap but insane features, you cannot spam in this system (posting or register)

Viral media portal by nexthon is shitty, he told buyer that he will update the script, now is about 2 months but still no update, can you keep using when author keep lying to you? There’s no thing can compare viral media portal with two others.

If you want a good base feature, buy fufu, if you want good visual and design, buy ninja media, if you want to waste your money, buy viral media portal by nexthon