Nine Years Of Membership

Nine years ago I was a student on a college on choral conductor class.
Nine yeans ago I open the Envato for myself.
And then I spended them.
Im old and Im not getting younger
I have a daughter,
I wrote a hundreds of music works.
I spended a thousands of working hours,days, nights.
Like many of us, folks.
Every day Im worked
Every day Im wrote
And I dont remember a day when Im woke up and spend it on something else except music.
And that’s all I wanted.
Because that’s all I got.



Congratulations! You don’t look a day over 5 :tada::confetti_ball:


Thanks man


Congrats mate! Certainly there were happy and though moments, ups and downs. I am sure you got a story to tell. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for comment. I have s story of course.) Like each of us)


Congrats mate!

Your post is very emotional and inspirational!

Wish you all the best!!!


Being able to make music is a dream, glad its happen for you!

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@Spylook Thanks man. )

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@Sky-Productions WOW!!! The sky productions here. Thanks for comment man.

That is all I have. Of course, I would like it to bring some serious income, but here, at AJ, as far as I understand, after all this fu**ing long years, this never happens for me, and at all times I will just receive a new chevron-candle every year which means nothing… Do you know what?

This place is divided on two sides. The first side is the lucky ones. Those who got into the stream and took advantage of it. And they are great.
I think I got the other side. After all those years Im still dont get it and not learned to create content which will sell on AJ as i wanted.