Nikon camera question

ive got a nikon d5200 and a sigma 18-250 lense. when zooming in on picture mode pretty good distance but in movie mode the zoom is useless. not far at all. why is this and what can i do/buy to get good movie zoom. ive looked at the CANON PowerShot SX60. seems pretty good zoom in video mode and yet cheaper or as cheap as the nikon. why cant my nikon do this

It’s got a 60x zoom. You’ve got a 14x zoom.

I think that’s how it works anyway… that the zoom factor is based on the difference between the shortest and the longest focal length. I could be wrong. But to get a 60x zoom I’m assuming you’d need a 18 to 1000 lens.

And a 60x zoom doesn’t really mean much if you don’t know the focal length when you’re not zoomed in. It could be 50mm in that video, so they’re getting 3000mm when at 60x.

I found out its because my camera set up is a digital zoom need an optical zoom, like the nikon p900 so thats what im gonna buy, check out the zoom test