Night Driving stock footage in a Desert or barren landscape

I’m looking for stock footage of a car driving through a desert or barren landscape.

Must be from driver, dashboard or bonnet view. Realtime (driving speed can vary). And at night.
Also needs to be at least 2:30 long.

Arriving at a destination (town, city, house etc) or coming to a sudden stop after 2:25 would be a plus.
Preferably without any other human traffic or prescence, (wildlife or abandoned buildings are fine) BEFORE the 2:25 mark.

Not exactly what you requested(day, 1 min, no stop) but can be color corrected to night look and of course you can slow it down or loop to fit your 2:50 length need.

Best Regards,

Here is example of color corrected frame.

And another one with car lights added. :slight_smile: