Niche themes listings got multipurpose themes demos

Hello to all.

Today I surfed a bit the listings. And on a query in google Best construction themes I came across colorlibs listing. Now it’s been a while for me checking those listings, but a while back only niche themes were there. Now check this out

First few themes are actually quite popular multipurpose themes that have their demos presented here under this niche. How fun is that? :slight_smile:

A while ago there was a debate about multipurpose themes and pricing of those with a massive amount of demos. (well ADP blew that away) and the debate was where those 1 multipurpose themes or basically the same as packing 100 themes in one package. Now back then at least this kind of listings were keeping it real, guess those days are over :slight_smile:


Seems like a paid listing. May be the multipurpose themes have paid for that slot.

Yea I get that, but it’s sad. It’s like meet is advertised at a vegi site:stuck_out_tongue: