Niche or multipurpose wordpress themes?

Hi all!
I am interested in what you think is the future of WordPress themes? I think that development and design will go towards niche themes and that multipurpose themes are a bit outdated…
I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but I would really like to know what do you think is the way to go (if you want to become an aouther): multipurpose or niche?
Thank you!

I’d prefer it to go towards niche but in a marketplace like this with such a diverse client base and set of needs multi purpose will always have a big role.

Even with the best niche designs in the world people always tend to want something that is missing which tips them towards big themes

Less experienced buyers tend to find it hard to visualise or plan a site always which means they do not necessarily spot the functional potnetial of a niche theme, while at the same time this group of buyers especially will be drawn towards the big, shinny option with every feature under the sun - not because it is necessarily the right option but because of the cool demos and the natural instinct to assume that they are getting more or even a better product because of the multitude of options.


That’s a good point @charlie4282, thank you!