Nice music. But the sales isn't enough


Not bad music, but the sales isn’t enough:
It is possible to promote somehow?


Немного напомнило Singers Unlimited Quartet(Но более упрощённо.Наверно,не в формате джангла…


Hi @S_Tekhnev Nice work !!!
This particular music I think it is sold rarely , but constantly ))) is not as corporate which immediately becomes the sale and permanently absorbed tons of other good corporates !


I agree with other guys here, that type of music is not a hotshot. It’s cool, it’s nice & fluffy. All you can do with this is one is modify your description in some unique way that will help customers to find it. And most of all, but yet simpler more better tracks = more sales. When you about to name your next track, try to think as your potential buyer, what you will write in search if you have no idea about royalty free music and want a track for project right here.


Thanks, WildLion


Thanks for the extended advice, FireLast.


Try to make use of all 30 tags, you only have 20 now. And write a much better and longer description using keywords that will help the item show up in a search. And then forget about this track and make a lot of other nice music :slight_smile:


Thanks, Hyperprod.